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Is Your Practice Optimized for Micro-Moments?


By Mike Brennan, ddspov.com

The customer product-discovery journey has changed due to a phenomenon called micro-moments. Over 65% of all search is now done on a smart phone. Customers now require that they are able to get information instantaneously to satisfy their micro-moments of interest about a product or service.  

The challenge for practice marketing is that these micro-moments require a change in the speed of delivery and quality of materials necessary to satisfy the informational needs of this growing group of consumers.  

To reach your market in this new environment, consider a business development strategy that synergistically combines old and new, paid and unpaid media, with an updated social media messaging philosophy. I call it Integrated Content Marketing™ (ICM). By using social media messaging techniques that provide valuable information or “content” to current and potential patients across all media, the practice builds trust, brand, awareness and positive sentiment. 

In Mike Koczarski’s interview he puts it this way.  “I think also the way people take in information has changed… they don’t want to be told what’s out there or what to do, they want to be given information.  Rather than saying you can bleach your teeth and make it three, four shades brighter.  I think the other way to look at it is now people want to hear if you want to bleach your teeth, here’s some things you ought to know.” 

Ways of distributing an Integrated Content Marketing message have also expanded and can include: videos, blog posts, email newsletters, podcasts, micro-sites, social media posts, live seminars, media interviews and webinars. These social and event forms of communication are integrated with earned and paid media such as PR releases, TV and radio schedules, direct mail programs, etc. to create a powerful new media mix paradigm.

The end result of Integrated Content Marketing is that it builds immediate relationships while it positions the doctor as the approachable, dental expert in the market, helping to ensure short and long term growth for the practice.

Integrated Content Marketing™ is a trademark of Brennan & Associates, Inc.

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